Safety Solutions

Safety Solutions

Tce group is known to provide highest quality safety products & services for various industrial applications.

Personal Safety- We offer the leading personal protective equipment solution products in the marketplace today. With the widest range of comfortable, stylish and high performance PPE equipment, providing products from head to toe protection for applications in Oil & Gas, heavy industries, mining, & construction sector.

Road Safety-Products such as Barriers, Cones, and Obstruction solutions used to block of roadways during construction maintenance, and general safety applications.

Site Safety-Edge protection, fall safety, temporary access

Our products systems are suitable for most constructions headed by the leading Steel Mesh Barrier system that includes innovative solutions such as Framed Mesh Barrier, Multi Mesh Barrier, Counterweight System, Net Barrier System, Containment System developed specially for the high-rise steel frame construction. Our product ranges from attachments, fixing, posts and accessories to ensure that it can be used universally.

Anchors & Hooks- We are specialized to give the non- deformable system and the fall prevention system used in applications such as building roofs, skyscraper glass cleaning, railway stations, heavy industries, marine ship building, Oil & gas fields. All the products are certified in accordance with standards in force on the subject of safety.

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