Real Estate

Real Estate

Collectively, the TCE group has extensive real estate interests throughout the UAE and in other parts of the world. The Group’s Real Estate team specializes in real estate development, facilities and property management and a range of comprehensive property services linking clients to other real estate investment opportunities in the UAE and worldwide.

Through its companies, the TCE Group manages an extensive real estate portfolio including but not limited to showrooms, offices warehouses and labor camps.Industrial Units & Warehouses: Tce group Consults, constructs, sells and leases Warehousing units & Industries in strategic free zones suited to client needs.Real Estate Development: Tce Group is involved in development of various residential buildings, townhouses, and commercial office towers.

Labor camps: The group provides turnkey camp solutions for clients depending on size, location, and requirements, and even offers ready to use camps for lease and sale in strategic locations.

The current areas of focus are:

  1. UAE
  2. UK
  3. India

We have real estate specialists follow an active Buy-Manage-Sell strategy as part of their professional marketing ability, an eye to acquire properties, enables them to manage and to sell at the best time.

TCE Real Estate is successful through the diversification of its portfolio. It distributes direct and indirect investments in UAE. Its focus is on a range of utilization types: office real estate, commercial real estate, industrial real estate, warehousing and labor camps suited largest economic free zones & industrial parks.